Building Learning Communities 2008

Well, my head is slowly decompressing from the aftermath of the Building Learning Communities Conference this past week in Boston, MA. I went into the conference feeling pretty technologically adept and have since realized that I lived in a Web 1.0 world. The disturbing thing to me is that I also feel like I have been teaching in a Web 1.0 world. Even though my students are incredibly flexible with the implementation of technology, I find myself far behind. The conference was a fascinating expose into the possibilities, both suggested and already implemented, of the already evolving Web 2.0. Over and over again, the power of networking was stressed in most all of the seminars that I attended. And with each passing moment, I frantically typed notes for follow up. Twitter – a microblogging tool Link up with colleagues both near and far with Ning (If you are an educator new to Ning, be sure to join Classroom 2.0) as well as six additional pages of typed notes that I need to sift through and distill so that I can relay the information to my colleagues.  



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