Edmodo launches

Edmodo...an education focused twitter-like app

Earlier this afternoon I found out (through my PLN via Twitter) that a new web app called Edmodo had just launched.  Edmodo is aimed squarely at the education community and seeks to provide a Twitter-like experience within a structured group environment.  So far, it looks promising.  It is easy enough to add groups and has basic functions that many educators will like such as “tweeting” specific tasks such as assignments, links, notes, alerts and events.  If you are in a school where laptops and/or computer workstations are common, this may be a wonderfully useful app.  I am going to test it out with one of my classes and see how it stands up.  I have been using Google Calendar to post individual daily plans and link to documents for my students to download, but this may be a simpler solution.  I am willing to give it a try.

One question though, I love the concept of the “locker” within Edmodo (check out the voicethread on their blog to see what I am talking about), but I am perplexed.  I am able to save assignments to the locker, but I cannot figure out how to move them and share saved assignments with my groups.  Any advice?  Throw it my way.  Tweet @cookp


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