Farewell, good friend

Well, I guess it had to happen sometime. I finally got around to selling my iBook. It is amazing home nostalgic I feel as I package it up and wrap it to send to its’ new owner.

This was the first computer that I purchased on my own. I bought it in December of 2000 after I had just begun teaching at Roberto Clemente Community Academy in the Humbolt Park neighborhood on the west site of Chicago. I was so excited placing the order online, and even more excited when it finally arrived at my doorstep.

I cared for this computer as if it were my child (at the time I had none). I saved all of the packaging, down to the silly plastic “anti-static” sleeves. I used it daily in class; a time when each classroom had only one computer and the science department shared a solitary LCD projector. Since most teachers did not know how to use the LCD projector, I had almost sole use. I was able to share videos with my students, engage them with virtual demonstrations and have them present to the class as well. This computer was my springboard into educational technology.

I lugged this 6+ lb beast everywhere that I went. I took it to Northwestern, when I worked with a group on NetLogo developing curriculum focused around virtual modeling environments. I wrote my first NetLogo lessons on the iBook.

Later on, when I took a job teaching chemistry at Oak Park & River Forest High School, the iBook came with me. It was beginning to slow, as least in comparison to the other computers that I was using. Then, it was replaced with a newer sibling, the MacBook. I carefully packed the iBook away and stored it in a closet.

With our move to Culver a little more than a year ago, the iBook never made it out of storage. Until a few days ago. I’ll admit it was fun booting it up. Opening the clamshell and re-installing Mac OS X for a new user to enjoy. I twittered about the process a bit, and received some responses from others who hold their first computers near and dear to their hearts (maybe I am stretching this a bit, but oh well.).
The Twitterverse responds
Farewell, iBook. May your new owner appreciate your utility as much as I did.


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