Finally catching up…

I have come to the point of acceptance with the fact that my teaching job leaves little blogging time. But, I had a bug in my ear tonight to get some video onto youtube, and it also serves as a good opportunity to post some activities.

This first video is the most recent. My conceptual physics students have been studying heat and heat transfer. Last week I decided to make up a batch of thermite and use it to illustrate heat transfer via conduction, convection and radiation. My students got a big kick out of this, even though it was very cold out when we did the demo.

Chem-o-ween from Phil Cook on Vimeo.

This second video comes from the vault. I first started “Chem-o-ween” in 2006 while teaching at Oak Park & River Forest High School. I originally had planned for these demos to be performed for my chemistry students. This very quickly turned (via word of mouth) into a large scale performance for the majority of the chemistry classes that day. Definitely a memorable experience. I miss the chemistry teachers at OPRF very much.

Hope you enjoy the videos.


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