Changing the wifi settings for an Open Hybrid configured Arduino Yun

The about-to-be-reset Arduino Yun

The about-to-be-reset Arduino Yun

So, you want to take your Arduino Yun (configured and working beautifully as a hybrid object) home and connect it to your home network to continue tinkering? Not so fast.  It turns out that reconfiguring the wifi settings on the Arduino Yun is not so easy to do when you’ve configured it using the modified Open-WRT image from If you want to connect your Yun to a new network, here’s the steps that you will need to follow (at least, they worked for me!):

  1. Remove the microSD (containing the hybrid object image) from the Arduino Yun.
  2. Power on the Arduino Yun by plugging it in to your computer using the USB.
  3. Reset the on-board wifi settings on the Yun by holding the wlan reset button for more than 5 seconds (but less than 30!). This will make your Arduino Yun broadcast its wifi signal as it did when you took it out of the box for the first time.
  4. Confirm the wifi settings have been reset by checking your available wifi networks. You should see a network titled “Arduino-XXXXXXXXXXXXX”.
  5. Do NOT configure the Arduino to connect to your new wifi network yet!
  6. Re-image the microSD card using the hybrid.dmg image. If you need a refresher on how to do this, check out this post, which details the process.
  7. Remove the newly imaged microSD from your computer and set aside.
  8. Remove your Arduino Yun from power.
  9. Install the microSD card into your Arduino Yun.
  10. Power on your Arduino Yun.
  11. Connect to your Arduino Yun (via “Arduino-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”)
  12. Login to arduino.local (default password is “arduino”) and reset the Yun by clicking on the bright orange reset button.  This will re-establish your Yun as a hybrid object, but without your previous wifi settings.
  13. Connect to your Arduino Yun (via “Arduino-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”)
  14. Login to arduino.loca (default password is “arduino”) and configure your Yun to the new network.
  15. Restart your Yun and verify that it is connect to your new network.
  16. Verify that the Yun is a hybrid object by visiting arduino.local:8080

Done!  Now that was “easy” wasn’t it?!?


2 responses to “Changing the wifi settings for an Open Hybrid configured Arduino Yun

  1. I did the above steps , i am using WiFi through a D-link DIR-600M router ,after step 15 i am not able to connect to arduino through
    “arduino.local:8080” , how can i resolve this ,SD card is still inserted in the slot

    • Does your Yun still broadcast it’s own unique wifi network? If so, you will need to apply the hybrid object settings, which should be installed on your microSD card and then restart the Yun. Also, you may need to check your wireless router settings, as the router must be configured for multicast. There’s a lot of troubleshooting involved, so be patient. Also, the Yun takes several minutes to install the hybrid object software and reboot. If you’re still having issues, post to the open hybrid forum through

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