Culver Portfolio

Figure 1: Portfolio page heirarchy

I’ve chosen to present my rank and promotion portfolio digitally.  This should make it convenient to review, with the added benefit of being able to post comments and feedback directly, as well as share my accomplishments with the world.  The portfolio is organized with several “sister” pages, (see figure 1) and is structured in a way to streamline the viewing of information while also allowing me to highlight the bulk of my professional work.  You may also notice that the narrative reflection contains many hyperlinks.  Use these embedded links to learn more about what is being described in the reflection.  The hyperlinks are a quick and easy way for me to link the description to a related repository of information (presentations, videos, etc.).  I hope you enjoy the reflection.  It has been an enjoyable experience for me to look back and see how far I have come as an colleague and educator.


Phil Cook

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