Competency 1

Synthesize Knowledge

Subcompetency 1.1: Demonstrates ability to read and understand educational literature related to Educational Technology

I’ve selected my final research paper from EDCI 513 for competency 1, subcompetency 1.  The paper, entitled “Creating Effective Online Chemistry Courses” provides an analysis of current educational research related to the implementation and effectiveness of online chemistry coursework.  The paper looks critically at the capabilities and limitations of online instruction specifically as it relates to the delivery of lab based science coursework.  Through the analysis of several journal articles, it is clear that conceptual topics can easily and effectively be taught in a fully online setting, however lab skills and analysis cannot.  While the inclusion of web-based modeling can provide a pseudo-lab experience for online students, I drew the conclusion that it is appropriate and effective to take science courses online for non-majors, but is best to take a face to face course if interested in pursuing a degree in a lab science such as chemistry or biology.

Subcompetency 1.2: Demonstrates ability to describe fundamental theories of human learning

Subcompetency 1.3:Applies knowledge of human learning, diversity, and effective pedagogy to solution of problems

For the final two sub-competencies for competency 1, I’ve selected my final paper from EDCI 531.  Within this paper I discuss the pedagogical importance on scaffolding and inquiry, and how both techniques are appropriate for ensuring students are supported and kept within their zone of proximal development as they learn science.  The core idea presented is to thoughtfully integrate scaffolding, and then remove the scaffolding as the learner progresses through the course.  In addition to scaffolding, the importance of inquiry is emphasized, both from a motivational standpoint as well as utilizing inquiry to provide a content connection to real world situations.  When students learn in an inquiry environment, they are more engaged in the learning process, and learn more.


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