Competency 2

Create Knowledge

I am using my final paper from EDCI 531 to illustrate that I have satisfied the criteria laid out in competency 2. The paper, titled “A Case for Scaffolded Inquiry Learning in Science” delves into best practice applications of methodologies within the science classroom, be it online, face to face, or a hybridized solution.

Sub-competency 2.2 Demonstrates ability to read and evaluate Educational Technology research
The literature review component of the paper looks at the viability of using scaffolding to enhance learning retention within a course. In addition, inquiry settings which involve authentic tasks are discussed, and a case is made for the inclusion of authentic inquiry activities within courses as a key component to enhance student motivation and learning.

Sub-competency 2.1 Demonstrates ability to describe common research methods in Educational Technology
To bolster the importance of scaffolding and authentic inquiry, several specific research scenarios are discussed which illustrate the difference in effectiveness between traditional instruction and instruction that involves an authentic task. Specific examples are provided and deconstructed to show the benefit of implementing authentic tasks within learning settings.

Sub-competency 2.3 Applies research findings to the solution of common problems in Educational Technology
Specifically with regards to motivation, integrating scaffolding provides a path for learners of a variety of skill levels that is supported appropriately, allowing the learner to focus on the task and goals of the activity. Digital activities should be scaffolded such that the actions of the learner are always focused around the desired learning outcomes; additional action outside of these outcomes should have scaffolds in place so that the cognitive load on the learner is minimized.


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