Competency 5

Engage in Professional Development Participate Actively in the Profession

Demonstrates the disposition for life-long learning and continuous professional development

I am involved heavily with professional development in educational technology on campus at Culver Academies, where I served as the Director of the Technology Support Committee (TSC). During this time, I was charged with leading a group of 15 faculty and staff in the development of campus wide monthly training sessions on the appropriate use and implementation of technology within the classroom. During my tenure we analyzed several laptops and made recommendations for a 1:1 laptop rollout, investigated learning management systems for use on campus, culminating in the launch of Schoology on campus.  The transition to Schoology required the development of introductory training seminars, as well as several follow-up trainings throughout the 2012-2013 school year.  I also worked to implement DyKnow, a digital collaborative environment, attending leader training as well as developing DyKnow Monitor and DyKnow Vision specific training sessions that were delivered to faculty and staff on campus.  DyKnow allows for faculty to monitor student laptops while also providing a robust system for digital collaboration and student feedback.  In addition, I spearheaded the design and delivery of monthly “Techie Teacher Talks”, where members of the TSC would present emerging technologies in education to faculty.  A repository of the presentations and general work of the Technology Support Committee can be viewed on our blog.

Throughout my career as an educator, I have always exhibited a growth mindset, participating in numerous professional development activities. During my formative teaching years, I participated in the development and implementation of gas law curriculum, which integrated the use of NetLOGO models through the Center for Connected Learning at Northwestern University. I engaged in curriculum development and research, culminating in the publishing of several journal papers, one of which makes mention of my contribution, linked below.

Crossing Levels and Representations: The Connected Chemistry (CC1) Curriculum

More recently, I have been focusing on the application of current science research within the context of high school science courses. I wrote and won a grant through the Lilly Teacher Creativity Fellowship, which allowed me to spend the summer of 2011 working at Sandia Government Labs researching solar energy methodologies. The experience was documented through my personal blog, and sample entries are posted below.

On Site at Nevada Solar One

Solar Furnace Test

On Site at Sandia Labs National Solar Thermal Test Facility

The examples above are just a few of many professional development experiences that I have engaged in over the past years. There are many more, some of which are mentioned on my resume, as well as a standing participation in the Research Experience for Teachers program on campus at the University of Notre Dame, where I have conducted research dealing with semiconductors, solid-state batteries, graphene, and nanoscale fabrication.


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