Competency 6

Participate Actively in the Profession

Identifies and participates in communities of practice within the field of Educational Technology

As a science educator and learning designer (for some reason, instructional designer and educational technologist just didn’t sum up who I am), it is very important to stay current in regards to emerging technologies and their appropriate application within the classroom.  Professional development allows me to enhance the quality of instruction within my classroom, as well as provides opportunities for networking and sharing best practice ideas with fellow educators on the implementation of learning design and technology within the classroom.  Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to contribute to the educational community through a variety of venues.  A specific example is a unit I developed as part of the Curriki Summer of Content Grant program.  I developed a unit of study on light emitting diodes, published through, a non-profit site dedicated to providing free access to excellent lessons digitally.  The unit provided a means to synthesize summer work that I had done through Notre Dame and in the process create interactive lessons that explain the science of a common piece of technology.

In addition to my work with Curriki, I have presented on numerous occasions on using learning theory and design in conjunction with technology to enhance the quality of instruction, with some of my most recent presentations being:

Classroom 2.0 Chicago – Presentation of the use of Edmodo as a learning management system to midwest educators and thought-leaders in Chicagoland.  This conference was a study in emerging practices in the implementation of social media technologies within the classroom.  Edmodo is one such educational technology which allows a quasi-facebook style of interaction.

Oak Park & River Forest High School – Presentation to faculty entitled, “Using NetLogo: An Introduction.”  NetLOGO is a Java based programming environment that can be used to model a variety of situations.  Programming was and continues to be a hot topic in technology education, especially given recent developments in learning design and the desire to create situations for learners where they not only know, but rather do.   This presentation provided the opportunity to expose my peers to the practice.

Culver Academies – I have delivered multiple presentations to faculty including:

  • Collaborating Using Google Apps

Other presentations include:

Wherever I have had the opportunity to teach, I have always supported colleagues through professional development focusing on the appropriate use of educational technology within the classroom.  Future work for me includes the implementation and rollout of a 1:1 iPad initiative at the Nightingale-Bamford school, where I look forward to developing best practice methodologies for using the iPad within various lab science courses.  I have a strong desire to be a thought leader within my field, and leverage the opportunity to share ideas with other educators as often as I can.

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