Teaching encompasses both my interactions with students as well as peers in the education world.  I’ve organized my teaching page to highlight examples of classroom components that are meaningful, as well as professional development that I have administered throughout my career.


Physics curriculum highlight:

Unit on the Science of the Light Emitting Diode

LED Inquiry lab Part I

LED Inquiry lab Part II

LED Inquiry lab Part III


As an instructor at Culver, I have presented to the faculty on the following topics (please click on the links to view the original presentations):


University of Notre Dame

I have spent the past four summers working with Dr. Xing, Dr. Jena and Dr. Kelly in the Electrical Engineering department.  My research started initially with ion selective field effect transistors, progressing to a examination of the properties of graphene grown on copper foil.  Below are presentations related to my work with Dr. Xing:

Summer series on “Crystal Fire”

Crystal Fire Part III

View more PowerPoint from Phillip Cook
At the end of each summer, we would give presentations to the community at a RET symposium.

Summer 2008  Summer 2009  Summer 2010  Summer 2011

Northwestern University Center for Connected Learning

My first years as a teacher on the west side of Chicago led to an interesting experience developing gas law content using NetLogo, a java based programming language.  I’ve created several models and received an acknowledgement from Dr. Levy and Dr. Wilensky when the research was finally published in 2009.  I later presented to Oak Park and River Forest faculty on the benefits of using modeling environments in the classroom.

NCLT at Purdue University

As part of my participation in the NCLT program, I presented in a February session on curriculum I had developed as a result of the summer experience.

NCLT [re:]mix

View more presentations from Phillip Cook

NSTA National Conference

I’ll be presenting this March (2012) in Indianapolis on the following: Presenter “The Making of a Lab Rat: The Transformation of One Educator’s Research Experiences into Meaningful Science Curricula” ; Co-Presenter: “A Spiraling Chemistry Curriculum: Mastering Core Chemical Concepts”

National Science Foundation Engineering Education Conference

This year marks the second time I’ve been invited to the NSF Conference on Engineering Education as a RET representative for Notre Dame.  I previously presented a poster session on the Engineering RET program in force on campus at the University of Notre Dame in March of 2010.

Lilly Endowment

I was honored to receive a teacher creativity fellowship from the Lilly Endowment in February of 2011.  The video below highlights my summer journey to gain a greater appreciation for the power of the sun and how we can leverage solar power to do much more than simply generate electricity.

Classroom 2.0 LIVE Chicago

Edmodo, a social media based online course system, had just been released a month prior to this lightning presentation that I gave just blocks away from President Obama’s Chicago home.

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